Interactive Demo
. Effective
. Convenient
anywhere learning
. Enjoyable
Rooted in technology and expertise, cogently formed lessons delivered on a sensitive medium. The interactions are the basis of further lessons that are custom made.
. Enriched Content
Renowned expertise in honing abilities in verbal, quant and reasoning sections have been harnessed to formulate the lesson plan. The pattern of teaching has been adapted to maximize learning.
. Flexible Schedules
Learners could schedule their course and train themselves at best suited times.
. Customized Instruction
From the interactions a learners attributes are assessed and further lessons and tests are patterned. Facilitated learning of specifics creates ambiance for effective recall and good performance.
. Friendly Interface
The interface is very friendly and is designed to be most conducive for learning. In fact the interface is tailor made with cues that contribute to learning.
. Critical Analysis
Transcripts for all the sessions would provide insights on learning and performance. Tips to enhance the ability to learn and perform would be provided.
. Cost Effective
The service is GPRS based. All communications are optimized and compressed. So the air time charges are only to the tune of Rs 2 per hour.
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