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How it works
WIZDOM.in connects you to an expert Teacher and an understanding Student Facilitator, to deliver Adaptive Learning to your Mobile phone or PC.


 - Creates high quality Interactive Lessons which are stored in our servers
At WIZDOM.in, we have an experienced, world class team of teachers, authors and subject experts in English Language, Mathematics and GRE Training who have created lessons that are:
> Interactive and Enjoyable
> Based on principles of ALMI - Adaptive Learning by Measurement of Interactions
> Designed to enable effective learning in a stress-free and enjoyable manner

 You, the student

 - Logs in to WIZDOM.in through a Mobile phone or PC and starts:
> Learning new lessons
> Revising old lesson
> Taking tests and exercises
> Reviewing past performance and feedback
> Asking doubts and getting help
> Interacting with other students
While you are learning, WIZDOM.in software measures all your
interactions with the lessons and tests.


 - Adaptive Learning by Measurement of Interactions based smart algorithms analyse your measurements and understand your learning pattern
> The software framework designed by WIZDOM.in utilizes learnings
in pedagogy, cognitive science, User Interface Technology and data
processing algorithms.
> The data analysis provides a deep understanding of the student's
learning pattern and quality.
> Based on this understanding, the Student Facilitator provides
feedback for improvement.
> The lessons are adapted subsequently to match the student's learning
pattern, ie: difficulty is increased for good students and decreased for
weaker students (until they improve).

 Student Facilitator

 - Provides student with accurate feedback on his/her learning based on scientific analysis supported by WIZDOM.in's ALMI technology.
> A trained individual, the Student Facilitator supports you during
the entire duration of the program
> Analyses your data using WIZDOM.in's powerful software framework and
smart algorithms.
> Provides you counsel and points out areas of improvement. Helps you
correct weaknesses and build on strengths.
>  Answers your queries, clears your doubts and clears your
> The Student Facilitator is your mentor, guide and "class teacher" during
your WIZDOM.in program enrolment.
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