What is GRE?

GRE or GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION is a way that most American and some other international universities adopt to assess the potential of students for higher academic pursuits, advanced studies and research. It is a standardized test that compares the performance of a student with millions of others who have written this exam in the past. GRE is a primary admissions requirement for MS or PhD degree in the USA. Most graduate schools in America look for three different types of credentials in their admission policy – Academic excellence in Undergraduate studies, High GRE score and evidence of potential for advanced research. GRE is the only neutral, uniformly reliable source of assessment since the other two are subjective and highly dependent on the student's circumstances and the grading standards of earlier institutions where the student has studied.

GRE is conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Services), a New Jersey, USA based organization of long standing reputation and quality.

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