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Experience Wizdom.in as it would be on your mobile phone.

This simulation contains 3 segments in a 10 min demo - Vocabulary, Quantitative and Reading Comprehension. You can experience different question formats, features like GPRS Indicator and Student Support.
Use the simulated phone in the same manner as you would use your normal phone.
Click on to use the Left Soft Key and Click on
to use the Right Soft Key.
Use the joy stick to navigate RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN by clicking
around the joy stick - on the RIGHT, LEFT , ABOVE , and BELOW.

To download this Interactive Demo to your own mobile phone, point to
http://m.wizdom.in/trial/sample.html using your phone's browser.

Here are some simple instructions on how to use this simulation:

  How do I answer a multiple choice Question ?
  How do I raise a doubt or query during my M-Learning session ?
  How does the GPRS indicator help me ?
  How do I experience Wizdom.in on my mobile phone ?
You will find that Question and Choices either appear on a single screen or seperate “Virtual Screens.” called Tabs which appear at the bottom of the phone screen. Use the simulated joy stick of cell phone to navigate. You can select the highlighted choice, by clicking the FIRE key on the cell phone. A red tick appears as confirmation.

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